Wednesday, January 16, 2013


THE OVERLOOK by Michael Connelly


In his first case since he left the LAPD's Open Unsolved Unit for the prestigious Homicide Special squad, Harry Bosch is called out to investigate a murder that may have chilling consequences for national security.  A doctor with access to a dangerous radioactive substance is found murdered in the trunk of his car.  Retracing his steps, Harry learns that a large quantity of radioactive cesium was stolen shortly before the doctor's death.  With the cesium in unknown hands, Harry fears the murder could be part of a terrorist plot to poison a major American city.

Soon, Bosch is in a race against time, not only against the culprits, but also against the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI (in the form of Harry's one-time lover Rachel Walling), who are convinced that this case is too important for the likes of the LAPD.  It is Bosch's job to prove all of them wrong.

Now, I must state that I love Harry Bosch.  I've been reading Harry books non-stop now for a while, and going into withdrawal when I can't get hold of the next one in the series.

But this book disappointed me.  Not Harry, not the story - but the length.  It was barely longer than a short story.  Harry had the entire case solved in less than 12 hours, which didn't allow for much story development in the book.  The book ended with Harry on his way to the hospital to see if he was exposed to the radioactive material.  I sure hope that will be resolved in the next book, THE BRASS VERDICT.