Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I went to my high school 50th reunion this past weekend.  What a fantastic experience!  I saw people I haven't seen since we got out of school, others I've seen more recently.  Everyone looked terrific.

We started partying on Friday night at a high school football game.  There, in the middle of the stands, sat about 50 of us.  I think we made more noise than the rest of the people there.  An announcement was made that we were celebrating 50 years.  About half of us left after the half-time show and we headed to a bar in town, where they had a room reserved for us.  Spent the time mingling and catching up on the past years.  After the game the rest of the crowd showed up - more laughing and hugs and fun time.  We probably stayed until midnight or a little later - most likely past everyone's normal bedtime!

The next morning, we met at the high school for a guided tour through the new additions to the school.  So much has changed.  They were doing SAT's in certain parts so we couldn't see some of the parts of the school that were there when we were.  But it was fun just the same.

Some of us went to lunch after - some went home to take a nap!  I was part of the lunch crowd.  I didn't want to waste a single minute.  I spent the rest of the afternoon with my best friend ever, Tina, as we rode around looking for familiar places.

Saturday night was the reunion dinner and dance.  Being on the reunion committee, we had to be there a little early to help decorate.  Tina set up a memorial table with listings of the ones who have passed on.  Very pretty set-up.  We had balloons and flowers including a huge blow-up 63 for our class year.  Table were set beautifully with lots of purple and gold, our school colors.  We had a big banner that we all signed and a gigantic blowup of our class picture on the steps of the Washington capitol building during our school trip.

The drinks flowed, more and more people arrived and the laughter and tears continued.  We had a great meal, a toast to our lost, then we sang our Alma Mater lead by 3 classmates who sounded great.  By then the disc jockey had arrived and we cleared a dance floor.  Cameras were flashing all night as we all wanted to capture these moments.

All too soon, the music stopped and we had to leave.  Hugs and kisses all around and the promise to keep in touch.  We've decided that 5 years is too long to wait to get together again, and we're starting to float the idea of yearly get-togethers.

I brought home some precious memories of old friends and new friends.  It was a weekend that will stand out in my mind for a long time to come.


Violetlady said...

It was a great weekend. Dear Lynne, old friends are truly the best friends. Love, Tina

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